Custom Made Steel Work

Looking for a custom made steel fabrication service from a reliable manufacturer in Malaysia? VPRO are dedicated in all kinds of custom made steel, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass with no minimum order quantity to decorate your residential, shopping centers, restaurants and more.

From the design, we cut, bend, weld and coat your artwork to make it real. After your products are done, we deliver and install them to your satisfaction.

Each manufacturing process and artwork by VPRO are customized and discussed with our clients clearly and in detail to produce a smooth workflow and outcomes that meet clients’ requirements in terms of appearance, functions and materials.

What We Cover

VPRO are made of all kinds of operational knowledge and industrial expertise related to steel manufacturing and fabrication. Our products are more for decoration and interior design industries.

  • Custom made mild steel furniture
  • Custom made stainless steel furniture
  • Supply, fabricate and install mild steel work , stainless steel work

Additional Information

To maintain our credibility and reliability to clients, we will do a series of quality control tests to our products to ensure that all our products meet all the specifications and requirements. Therefore, welcome to send us your drawings or design now, so we can make your dream products to life.

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