Powder Coating

Looking for a powder coating service in Malaysia? Since powder coating has become one of the most essential surface finishing techniques in this industry, VPRO is ready to provide the best powder coating in town with our facilities.

We coat your artwork with the most excellent results to make your products shine and look perfect for any interior and exterior applications.

Design and sizes for powder coating will be discussed with our clients before projects is started. Once the task has begun, client will be updated with our process such as spraying, water rinsing, drying and so on to make sure no error happens halfway in this last step of manufacturing.

What We Cover

Powder coating will not only give your products an attractive, smooth and shiny appearance, it will also provide a protective layer to increase the durability of your product, Therefore, VPRO is fully-equipped to offer client the highest quality service.

  • Powder coating mild steel
  • Powder coating stainless steel

Additional Information

To maintain our credibility and reliability to clients, we will do a series of quality control tests to our products to ensure that all our products meet all the specifications and requirements. Therefore, welcome to send us your drawings or design now, so we can make your dream products to life.

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