VCut Service

Looking for a reliable and professional steel V-cutting service in Malaysia? VPRO are dedicated in V-cutting for all kinds of custom made steel, mild steel, stainless steel with no minimum order quantity especially for those who need some personalized steel design.

We have the best V-cut machines and skills in town to cut a V groove in sheets and bend them into a sharp-edged angle in any shapes.

Requirements and design given will be customized and discussed with our clients clearly to produce a distinctive, high-quality and precise products that meet clients’ requirements in terms of visual appearance and strength.

What We Cover

With V-cutting techniques, we can produce a complex but perfect 3D structural designs with all kinds of metals and steels. V-cutting service is able to cut things at different angles such as 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°.

  • V-cutting mild steel
  • V-cutting stainless steel
  • Supply, V-cut and install mild steel work , stainless steel work

Additional Information

To maintain our credibility and reliability to clients, we will do a series of quality control tests to our V-cut products to ensure that all our products meet all the specifications and requirements. Therefore, welcome to send us your drawings or design now, so we can make your dream products to life.

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