Looking for a welding service from a reliable manufacturer in Malaysia? VPRO is a fully-equipped industrial company, offering full service of manual and automatic welding. The largest difference of VPRO from the others is that we have no minimum order quantity. Drop us your order and we will start doing for you!

VPRO strive for perfection in giving a fully integrated welding and fabrication solution for clients based on their orders.

Each production process will be customized with our clients by our qualified and experienced welders so the service can be done in the shortest lead time and unnecessary charges can be avoided.


What We Cover

VPRO provides the full custom welding support service which includes professional weld procedure writing, welding codes and mechanical testing.

  • Welding mild steel
  • Welding stainless steel
  • Supply, weld and install mild steel work , stainless steel work

Additional Information

To maintain our credibility and reliability to clients, we will do a series of quality control tests to our products to ensure that all our products meet the industry recognized international and national codes and standards. Therefore, welcome to send us your drawings or design now, so we can make your dream products to life.

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